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Nicholson Diesel Service

At Nicholson Diesel Services we provide full light duty diesel repair service and performance.  At NDS we strive to provide the best service possible. NDS is the only shop in the Boise treasure valley area that has specialized in diesel repair service fuel mileage & performance since 2003.

Nicholson Diesel Service is now offering on vehicle DPF cleaning!

When a DPF filter is clogged, the vehicle’s performance suffers dramatically leaving the owner with two choices: replace the DPF at a cost of more than $3,000.00, or have a service professional perform a DPF cleaning service for up to $600.00. We can now provide this service for you at NDS without having to remove the DPF. You should have your DPF serviced every 75K to keep from having any problems with it. A DPF cleaning will bring performance back to 99%! Save your time and money by letting Nicholson Diesel Service clean your DPF.

Customer Review

“I know Bob Nicholson at Nicholson diesel for many years. He is a stand up guy, he has helped me with a lot of issues with my truck and has never done me wrong. I know many people that have work done on there truck at Nicholson diesel and have been taken care of with a professional manner . Thank you Bob Nicholson.” – Jim P

Call us today at (208)672-9700